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Cable Percussion

Our cable percussion services are widely used and an effective technique for obtaining subsurface soil and rock samples. It involves driving a hollow drill casing into the ground using a percussion hammer and cable system. As the drill advances, the sample is collected in the casing, allowing us to extract valuable information about the soil and geological conditions.

The Importance of Geotechnical Cable Percussion:

  • In-Depth Site Investigation: Cable percussion provides a deeper understanding of subsurface conditions, allowing for accurate site characterisation and informed decision-making during the planning and design stages of construction projects.

  • Foundation Design: The data obtained from cable percussion helps in designing suitable foundations that can withstand the specific ground conditions, ensuring the stability and safety of structures.

  • Contamination Assessment: Cable percussion allows for the collection of soil samples for laboratory testing, helping to assess the presence of contaminants and potential environmental risks.

  • Risk Mitigation: By identifying potential ground challenges, such as weak or unstable soil layers, groundwater levels, or geological anomalies, cable percussion helps in mitigating construction risks.

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